Top 8 Coffee Havens in Charlotte, NC

Dive into Charlotte's vibrant coffee scene with our curated list of the top 8 must-visit coffee havens. Discover cosy cafes and trendy brewhouses for your caffeine cravings.

Artful coffee drinks in an earthy, industrial setting. Try the Deathly Swallows latte with a hint of ghost pepper. 

#1 Defined Coffee | Concord

Celebrating Black culture with vintage magazines and signature flavours like vanilla and caramel.

#2 Archive CLT | Washington/Lincoln Heights 

Innovative coffee creations like corn latte and strawberry matcha in a quiet, chic space with plenty of seating.

#3 Coffee | NoDa

Savory-meets-sweet boldness in fall lattes, plus generous food options in a tranquil ambience.

#4 Coffee at Station West | Wesley Height

Vintage cabin aesthetic, complex flavours, and a diverse crowd attracted by masterful espresso. 

#5 Provided Coffee | Uptown 

Specialty Boone roaster coffee, unique latte flavours, cosy ambience, and free wifi.

#6 The Hobbyist | Villa Height

Impeccable coffee craft, sunny ambience, and delightful food options like tomato gravy grit bowl. 

#7 Undercurrent Coffee | Plaza Midwood

Community-focused cafe with seasonal drinks like orange cardamom latte and stone-fruity joe.

#8 The People's Market | Elizabeth 


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