Top 7 Must-visit Beaches in Panama City this Summer Vacation

Explore the top 7 must-visit beaches in Panama City for an unforgettable summer vacation. From pristine sands to azure waters, discover your perfect beach getaway.

Centrally located with vibrant oceanfront activities, including fishing at Russell-Fields Pier. 

#1 Panama City Beach & Pier

Pristine natural habitat offering exploration, wildlife spotting, and serene beaches.  

#2 Shell Island 

Ecologically diverse beach with freshwater and saltwater convergence.  

#3 Camp Helen State Park Beach

Laid-back beach scene with live music, swimming, and stunning sunsets. A social hub for beach volleyball and oceanfront dining.

#4 Schooners 

Adventure awaits with snorkelling, scuba diving, and kayaking. 

#5 St. Andrews State Park Beach 

Secluded beach with natural dunes and educational exhibits. Embrace tranquillity while preserving the pristine beauty of the Gulf coastline.

#6 Rick Stelzer Park

Tail-wagging fun awaits at this pet-friendly beach near Russell-Fields Pier. Perfect for dogs to cool off and play in the sun.

#7 Dog Beach


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