Top 9 Things to Do in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Explore Theodore Roosevelt National Park's diverse landscapes and rich history with our guide to the top 10 must-do activities, promising an unforgettable adventure.

Experience the park's highlights on this scenic 36-mile loop road with access to trails and viewpoints.

#1 Explore Scenic Loop Drive 

Theodore Roosevelt's historic cabin offers a glimpse into the past and is conveniently located near the visitor center.

#2 Visit Maltese Cross Cabin

Enjoy sweeping views over Medora from this picturesque overlook along Scenic Loop Drive.

#3 Take in Skyline Vista

A short but rewarding trail offering stunning vistas of the Little Missouri River.

#4 Hike Wind Canyon Trail

Wander along this trail to get close to the Little Missouri River and encounter diverse wildlife.

#5 Explore Ekblom Trail 

Take a short walk for breathtaking views of the colorful badlands at Painted Canyon.

#6 Admire Painted Canyon Overlook

Immerse yourself in the park's dramatic landscapes on this moderately difficult 4.2-mile hike.

#7 Hike Painted Canyon Trail

Enjoy panoramic views of the South Unit's badlands from this easy trail.

#8 Discover Boicourt Overlook Trail

Experience stunning vistas from one of the park's highest points with minimal effort.

#9 Ascend Buck Hill 


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