This Tiny Town in America Named Happiest Small Town 

Discover the charming story of the happiest small town in America, where community spirit and contentment thrive. Explore what makes this tiny town so special and why it stands out.

Nestled in picturesque landscapes, White Rock boasts a close-knit community, low unemployment, and a vibrant culinary scene. 

#1 White Rock, New Mexico 

A charming town renowned for its friendly atmosphere, Sugarcreek offers a delightful blend of small-town charm and scenic beauty.

#2 Sugarcreek, Ohio 

 With its coastal charm and relaxed vibe, Tybee Island is a haven for beach lovers and seekers of Southern hospitality alike. 

#3 Tybee Island, Georgia

Steeped in history and tranquility, New Harmony invites visitors to explore its serene surroundings and rich cultural heritage.

#4 New Harmony, Indiana

Known for its Victorian architecture and scenic beauty, Eureka Springs exudes charm and offers a plethora of attractions for all.

#5 Eureka Springs, Arkansa


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