10 must-see exhibits at San Diego Zoo!

Discover the top 10 must-see exhibits at San Diego Zoo! Explore unique wildlife and rare species in one of the best zoos in the US.

See the adorable giant pandas!

Meet the Pandas

Dive into the Polar Bear Plunge!

Polar Bear Fun

Walk through the Elephant Odyssey!

Elephant Trails

Cuddle up to koalas at their walkabout!

Koala Walkabout

Swing by the lively Monkey Trails!

Monkey Mischief

Stalk through the Tiger River exhibit!

Tigers Await

Discover the elusive sun bears!

Sun Bear Sights

Marvel at birds in the Scripps Aviary!

Birds in Flight

Explore the diverse Africa Rocks!

African Wonders

Encounter the Australian Outback!

Aussie Adventures


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