Must-Try these 9 Dishes while exploring Panama City 

Discover Panama City's culinary delights with these 9 must-try dishes. From traditional favourites to exotic flavours, indulge in the diverse gastronomy of this vibrant city.

Dive into Panama's culinary scene with this hearty rice dish filled with regional vegetables and your choice of meat or seafood, a must-try Panamanian specialty.

#1 Guacho

Indulge in the popular deep-fried snack of handmade yucca balls stuffed with savory ground meat or cheese, perfect for breakfast or a midday treat.

#2 Carimañola

Sample Panama's national dish, a comforting soup featuring broth, chicken, and the unique flavour of local culantro, hailed as the ultimate hangover cure.

#3 Sancocho

Enjoy the refreshing flavours of locally sourced seafood marinated in tangy citrus juices, a beloved dish that captures the essence of Panama's coastal cuisine.

#4 Ceviche 

Delight in the flavours of shredded beef simmered with aromatic spices, served with rice and fried plantains, a classic dish with a rich history in Panama.

#5 Ropa Vieja

Experience the festive flavours of Tamal de olla, a Christmas specialty casserole with European twists like raisins and olives, ideal for holiday indulgence.

#6 Tamal de olla

Savor the classic comfort of Arroz con Pollo, ubiquitous on Panama City menus, showcasing the country's culinary heritage.

#7 Arroz con pollo

Treat yourself to these crispy fried green plantains, served warm and salty alongside meat and local sauces, a delicious accompaniment to any meal.

#8 Patacone

Delight in savory pastries filled with ground meat or cheese, available at countless bakeries throughout Panama City.  

#9 Empanada


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