Must See Colorado’s 8 Historic West Town

Explore Colorado's rich history by visiting these 8 charming historic towns in the West. Discover their unique cultural heritage, architecture, and stories from the past.

Explore a high-altitude mining town, once bustling with gold seekers, now a rugged relic of Colorado's past.

#1 Animas Forks 

Wander through this silver mining ghost town, witnessing its preserved structures and intriguing history.

#2 Ashcroft 

Step back in time in this quaint settlement, once bustling with trade and home to famed frontiersman Kit Carson. 

#3 Boggsville

Visit the remnants of Colorado's only all-black settlement, a testament to African American self-sufficiency.

#4 Dearfield

Discover the remnants of a gold rush town nestled in the stunning Independence Pass, a testament to boom and bust.

#5 Independence

Explore the scenic remnants of a silver mining camp, where historic buildings still stand against a picturesque backdrop.

#6 Montezuma

Immerse yourself in the beautifully restored buildings of this once-thriving mining camp, surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

#7 Pitkin 

Roam the dusty streets of this well-preserved ghost town, a relic of Colorado's mining heyday.

#8 St. Elmo


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