Discover Hawaii's Magnificent 9 Must-See Volcanoe

Explore Hawaii's stunning volcanic landscapes with our guide to the top 9 must-see volcanoes. 

Stay near an active volcano's edge at Volcano House. Experience adventure and photo opportunities for couples and families.

#1 Kilauea

Summit this dormant volcano for panoramic views of Waikiki and the island of Oahu.  

#2 Diamond Head

Visit the tallest volcano in Hawaii, rising to 13,803 feet. Accessible via Saddle Road, offering adventure for couples and families.

#3 Mauna Kea 

Explore the UNESCO World Biosphere site with a museum showcasing petroglyphs and lava tubes. 

#4 Mauna Loa 

Experience Maui's only active volcano with a day trip to Haleakala National Park. 

#5 Haleakala

Witness the third-most active volcano froReachable by helicopter or hike for adventure enthusiasts and families.m its 8,271-foot peak.

#6 Hualalai 

Admire the oldest volcano in Hawaii, offering helicopter rides and hiking trails for adventure seekers and families.

#7 Kohala

Traverse farmland and rugged landscapes of this eroded shield volcano.  Experience by car or helicopter for adventure and families.

#8 West Maui Mountains 

Explore the secluded, scenic path of this extinct volcano, ideal for adventurous couples and families.  

#9 East Molokai


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