Colorado’s 7 Best Breweries That You Must See

Explore Colorado's top 7 breweries for an unforgettable beer-tasting experience. Discover unique flavors and vibrant atmospheres at these must-see destinations.

Innovative craft beers like cereal milk stouts and fruited pale ales. Must-visit for unique flavors.

#1 4 Noses Brewing Co. (Broomfield)

Embracing German tradition, offering Slow Pour Pils, a classic favorite in a modern setting.

#2 Bierstadt Lagerhaus (Denver)

Award-winning Coconut Porter and innovative releases in a cozy atmosphere.

#3 Broken Compass Brewing Company (Breckenridge)

Known for inventive red ales like Ocean of Noise Gose and blood orange double IPA.

#4 Black Shirt Brewing Co. (Denver) 

Pushing the boundaries with the Project Alpha series, a haven for IPA enthusiasts.

#5 Cannonball Creek Brewing Company (Golden) 

Specializing in barrel-aged brews with a focus on Brettanomyces yeast strains. A niche worth exploring.

#6 Cellar West Artisan Ales (Lafayette)

A cult favorite with fruit-forward sours and wild ales, drawing visitors for its laidback ambiance.

#7 Casey Brewing & Blending (Glenwood Springs)


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