9 Best Savannah Restaurants: Must-Try

Explore Savannah's culinary gems. Indulge in a gastronomic journey through the 9 best restaurants, each offering a unique taste of this charming city.

Best to eat: Southern classics in a historic ambiance. Don't miss the fried green tomatoes and live music at Planters Tavern.

#1 Olde Pink House

Best to eat: Indulge in all-day brunch with Australian-inspired dishes like eggs Benedict and short rib hash until 3 pm.

#2 The Collins Quarter

Best to eat: Experience Southern hospitality with crispy flounder and suggested wine pairings while enjoying live piano music.

#3 Vic's on the River

Best to eat: Elevate your dining experience with contemporary American cuisine, like stuffed Carolina trout in a former bank setting.

#4 Cotton & Rye

Best to eat: Celebrate Georgia roots with turnip bisque and quail, or opt for the renowned burger at the bar if reservations are full.

#5 The Grey

Best to eat: Delight in locally sourced Southern classics creatively interpreted by Chef Hathcock, served in a haunted house setting.

#6 Husk Savannah

Best to eat: Experience a hip atmosphere and Asian-influenced dishes like edamame gyoza and drunken noodles in the Historic District.

#7 Flock to the Wok

Best to eat: Enjoy a Lowcountry boil amidst tiki vibes and water views, offering a unique dining experience on Tybee Island.

#8 The Original Crab Shack

Best to eat: Savor Memphis-style 'cue with a Southern twist, including Brunswick stew and flavorful pork, in a quaint Victorian District railway car.

#9 Sandfly BBQ


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