9 Best Panama City Spots for a Relaxing Weekend Getaway

Explore Panama City's serene havens. Whether you're looking for sandy beaches or verdant parks, unwind in the city's 9 best spots for a tranquil weekend getaway.

Experience the wonder of engineering and history as you witness ships navigate through gravity-powered locks on this iconic waterway.

#1 Panama Canal 

Lose yourself in the charm of this historic district, with its churches, pedestrian walkways, and historical plazas offering a serene ambiance for exploration.

#2 Casco Viejo

Delve into the rich history and technical marvels of the Panama Canal at this comprehensive center, offering insights into its past and present.

#3 Miraflores Visitor Center 

Stroll along this picturesque causeway, which extends into the Pacific Ocean and is lined with tourist venues, restaurants, and scenic spots for relaxation.

#4 Amador Causeway

Immerse in Panama's heritage and canal story at this non-profit institution. 

#5 Museo del Canal Interoceánico de Panamá 

Escape city life on this modern highway with stunning Panama Bay views. 

#6 Cinta Costera

Find serenity amidst nature at this expansive man-made lake, perfect for a relaxing boat ride or simply enjoying the scenic beauty of the surroundings.

#7 Gatun Lake

Marvel at the architectural brilliance of Frank Gehry's design while exploring the biodiversity and geological history of Panama at this unique museum.

#8 Biomuseo

Reconnect with nature in the heart of the city at this sprawling park. Well-marked trails, scenic viewpoints, and diverse wildlife await.

#9 Metropolitan National Park


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