8 Interesting Facts about the Zion Narrow

Discover fascinating insights into the Zion Narrows with these 8 interesting facts. Explore the wonders of this iconic natural marvel and enrich your knowledge of its unique features.

Traces of Anasazi civilization dot the canyon walls, telling tales of an ancient past.

#1 Ancient Pathway

It's one of the narrowest sections of the canyon, with towering walls reaching up to 2,000 feet high.

#2 Immense depth

Hiking opportunities abound in the 20-30 foot wide corridor of The Narrows.

#3 Unique Trekking

Seek out the majestic California Condor, a rare sight soaring above the canyon.

#4 Endangered Refuge

Witness millions of years of geological history etched into the canyon walls.

#5 Geological Marvel 

Angels Landing offers breathtaking but perilous views over the Virgin River.

#6 Treacherous Beauty

Kolob Arch stands as one of the world's largest, hidden deep within the park.

#7 Natural arches 

Explore Zion's subway, a demanding trek requiring permits and skill.

#8 Adventurous Journey


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