8 Best Seattle Restaurants: Must-Try Spots

Explore Seattle's culinary scene with our list of the 8 best restaurants. From seafood to international cuisine, these must-try spots offer a diverse dining experience.

Indulge in life-affirming Italian cuisine amid lace curtains and fine art. A culinary gem for special occasions and exquisite dining experiences.

#1 Spinasse

Explore Filipino flavors intertwined with Pacific Northwest ingredients. An exclusive dining experience celebrating PNW-Filipino connections.

#2 Archipelago

Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of seafood excellence with sushi crafted by a master. A must for connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine.

#3 Sushi Kashiba

Discover the quiet charm of Japanese soba cuisine in Fremont. A perfect blend of tradition and innovation for special occasions.

#4 Kamonegi

Experience Italian excellence in a timeless setting, complete with aerial performances. A classic destination for memorable dining moments.

#5 The Pink Door

Embark on a culinary journey with inventive American cuisine in White Center. A tasting menu spot redefining flavor and ambiance.

#6 Tomo

Dive into the flavors of Guam at this casual Beacon Hill gem. A welcoming spot for spontaneous dining adventures and comforting dishes.

#7 Family friend

Indulge in seafood and small plates in Ballard. A haven for oyster lovers and culinary enthusiasts alike.

#8 The Walrus And The Carpenter


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