7 Tips Before You Go Fly Fishing Trips in Yellowstone

Prepare for your fly fishing adventure in Yellowstone with these 7 essential tips. From gear selection to fishing techniques, get ready to reel in the big catch.

Plan your trip within Yellowstone's fishing season for optimal angling opportunities from sunrise to sunset.

#1 Timing is Everything

Before you cast your line, secure your Yellowstone fishing permit online or from local vendors.

#2 Secure Your Permit

Know the regulations for each of the seven-game fish species to ensure proper handling.

#3 Know Your Catch

Pack bear spray, rain gear, and sun protection—plus know-how on bear safety—for a secure outing.

#4 Gear Up for Safety

Join efforts like the Native Fish Conservation Program to preserve Yellowstone's aquatic ecosystem.

#5 Be a Conservation Hero

Consider hiring a guide for expert advice and an enhanced fishing experience on the waters.

#6 Consider a Guide 

Choose your fishing spot wisely based on the season and your preferences for the ultimate adventure.

#7 Choose Your Spot Wisely


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