10 Unrealistic Places to Visit in Glacier National Park

Explore 10 breathtaking yet seemingly unrealistic destinations within Glacier National Park. Discover hidden gems and surreal landscapes that will leave you in awe.

Experience the rush of air and water at this multi-tiered waterfall, perfect for a refreshing summer day.  

#1 Virginia Falls

Explore stunning vistas along the Going-To-The-Sun Road while enjoying the wildlife and open meadows. 

#2  St. Mary Lake 

Trek through alpine meadows to find this tranquil lake, home to mountain goats and breathtaking views. 

#3 Hidden Lake

Travel this narrow gravel road through pristine wilderness areas, stopping for huckleberry bear claws. 

#4 The North Fork Road

Discover off-the-beaten-path trails, waterfalls, and mountain lakes in this serene area of the park. 

#5 Two Medicine Lake 

Relax and enjoy panoramic views of towering mountains aboard iconic red buses.

#6 Logan Pass (via Red Bus Tours)

Find tranquility and mirror-like waters amidst snow capped peaks, ideal for bird and wildlife enthusiasts. 

#7 Bowman Lake

Experience historic charm and adventure activities in this northeastern gem of the park. 

#8 Many Glacier Hotel

Marvel at hanging valleys and panoramas on this iconic road, closed to vehicles in early summer.  

#9 Going-To-The-Sun Road

Stop at numerous pull outs along McDonald Creek to admire the turquoise waters flowing from Mount Geduhn. 

#10 McDonald Falls 


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