10 Must-See Wonders in Redwood National Parks

Step into a world of ancient giants and pristine wilderness. Redwood National Parks, located along the rugged California coast, offer awe-inspiring landscapes and unique experiences.

These towering giants can reach heights of over 300 feet, their trunks wide enough to drive a car through.

Tall Trees Grove


Explore the enchanting Fern Canyon, where moss-covered walls rise vertically, creating a lush green oasis.

Fern Canyon


Named after the former First Lady, this serene grove offers a peaceful walk amidst ancient redwoods.

Lady Bird Johnson Grove


From Enderts Beach to Gold Bluffs Beach, these pristine shores invite you to unwind and watch the waves crash against rugged cliffs.

Hidden Beaches


Hike the Trillium Falls Trail, surrounded by lush ferns and vibrant wildflowers.

Trillium Falls Trail


Discover colorful sea stars, anemones, and other marine life in the tide pools.

Tide Pools at Crescent Beach


Take a scenic drive along this winding road, bordered by ancient redwoods.

Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway


Visit the Big Tree Wayside to see ‘Big Tree,’ a massive redwood with a circumference of 68 feet.

Big Tree Wayside


The absence of light pollution allows you to witness the Milky Way in all its glory.

Stargazing at Prairie Creek


The trail descends through old-growth redwoods to a secluded beach, offering a perfect blend of forest and ocean vistas.

Damnation Creek Trail



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