9 Best Places to Eat in Upstate NY on April 8, 2024

Join us on an Upstate NY culinary adventure, exploring the best dining spots on April 8, 2024. Discover diverse flavors and unforgettable experiences in our top 9 picks.

Indulge in heavenly pastries at Butter Block, filling the air with the aroma of butter and sugar, perfect for a pre-eclipse treat. Closed Mondays.

#1 Butter Block

Dive into authentic Mexican street food at La Divina, specializing in tacos, quesadillas, and tamales for a flavorful experience.

#2 La Divina

For the best wings in Buffalo, head to Nine-Eleven Tavern, a South Buffalo staple renowned for its crispy delights. Closed Sundays and Mondays.

#3 Nine-Eleven Tavern

Savor classic Buffalo flavors at Bar-Bill Tavern, offering beef on weck, iconic pepperoni pizza, and cajun honey butter barbecue wings.

#4 Bar-Bill Tavern

Discover Mexican-inspired delights at Clementine, with comforting flavors like Samoa cookie lattes and blueberry lemon treats in Fairport.

#5 Clementine 

Enjoy Thai-inspired dishes at Leonore’s, perfect for post-eclipse gatherings with shareable plates and cozy curries on Park Avenue in Rochester.

#6 Leonore’

Experience Rochester's iconic garbage plates at Dogtown, serving up classic dishes with meat sauce atop macaroni salad and home fries.

#7 Dogtown 

Indulge in a seasonal, four-course dining experience at Aurora Cooks, offering Finger Lakes wine pairings and exquisite cuisine between Rochester and Syracuse.

#8 Aurora Cooks 

Delight in homemade pastas and signature stretch bread at Pastabilities, known for its famous chicken riggies and vibrant atmosphere in Syracuse.

#9 Pastabilities 


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