9 Best Outdoor Adventures Near Denver

Explore Denver's vibrant outdoor scene! From breathtaking hikes to adrenaline-pumping activities, discover the top 9 adventures awaiting you near the Mile High City.

Glide through downtown on man-made chutes. Thrilling adventures await with lessons and rentals.

#1 Go Kayaking in Confluence Park

Explore Denver's scenic beauty on two wheels with 85 miles of bike paths under 300 days of sunshine.

#2 Take a Bike Ride on 85 Miles of Path

Test your skills at Denver Skatepark's expansive concrete terrain, perfect for boarders, bladers, and bikers alike.

#3 Skate at Denver Skatepark: 

Relax and pedal across Smith Lake in Washington Park, ideal for a leisurely outing with family or friends.

#4 Pedal Boat at Washington Park

Dive into an immersive experience at Downtown Aquarium, where you can snorkel alongside exotic marine life, including sharks and stingrays.

#5 Swim with Sharks at Downtown Aquarium

Witness the beauty of Colorado's native wildlife, including bison and bald eagles, at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge.

#6 Encounter Wildlife at Rocky Mountain Arsenal

Experience the thrill of gliding over the Front Range with Mile High Gliding, offering breathtaking aerial views of the Rocky Mountains.

#7 Soar Above the Front Range in a Glider

Brave the rapids just 30 minutes from Denver with Clear Creek Rafting Co.

#8 Raft Clear Creek Rapid

Reach new heights on North America's highest paved road. Enjoy panoramic views atop majestic Mount Blue Sky.

#9 Mount Blue Sky Summit Drive


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