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Nancy and GerryCoronadoTouring was the brainchild of 2 young ladies fascinated with the history of Coronado… and hoping for a part time job that would allow flexibility to care for their young children and that most importantly would be a lot of fun.

Nancy Cobb and Gerry MacCartee formed a partnership and launched Coronado Touring one afternoon in the summer of 1980.

Since that day so many years ago both ladies have researched and compiled volumes of detailed information about the people, the architecture, the businesses, the military and events that shaped Coronado’s history. This effort resulted in the publication of a book; Coronado, the Enchanted Island and the eight block ninety minute walking talking tour that continues today. They have remained very involved in the historic preservation effort in Coronado not only as previous longtime president and treasurer of the Coronado Historical Association but also in planning events that celebrate Coronado’s unique place in the history of the world!